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The Ultra High End of Bullet Camera Systems


Finally a product comes along to steel the video quality crown from the GoPro HD wearable cameras.

It's been a long time coming but V.I.O. have released their amazing POV.HD bullet camera system.

Unlike any other wearable helmet POV camera system on the market the POV HD uses the latest "Da-Vinci" microprocessor for encoding the video. This new chipset is bang up to date and is powerful enough to let the majority of the video processing be done by software instead of hardware.

This means is the POV.HD helmet camera has cutting edge real time video correction giving it features such as; enhanced picture sharpness, correction for wide angled fish eye distortion and most importantly a filter which virtually eliminates the "wobble vision" effect that can be seen on HD cameras using a rolling shutter.

The other massive advantage of having software controlled video processing is that it will be continually upgraded as new colour maps and image filters are improved by way of regular, free firmware updates.

You will notice the new POV.HD looks similar in design to the original POV.1 and POV.1.5. VIO have used the same waterproof housing for both the camera part and the recorder. It is dust proof and waterproof down to 3m of water and that includes the supplied wireless RF remote controller.

The lens in the camera is the widest available in any wearable camera system giving over 160 degrees field of view even in 1080p mode.

The latest firmware that ships with the POV.HD enables a range of filming resolutions and frame rates. PAL users will be happy to hear the new POV.HD can shoot at 24, 25 or 30fps at 1080p and 50 or 60fps in 720p mode.

New tagging and pre-record modes have been included. When you press the tag button on the remote controller, the unit goes back up to 10 mins and starts recording in the past. You'll never miss a moment again and you won't come back home with hours of boring, non-event video.

Not only is this the perfect helmet camera system for Skiers, snowboarders, television prodcutions companies etc....because of the extra features the POV.HD packs we also see it being the next big thing for in car filming. Why? because you can link an external mic to the POV.HD or connect it to your intercom. It can be powered from AA batteries or hard wired to the vehicle's 12v supply. The RF remote has nice big chunky buttons that can be operated with gloves on.

VIO have really done one on the mounts supplied with the new POV.HD bullet camera. The combination of the star mount and the double hook and loop mount should cover all occasions and a thread mount is supplied so the camera can be mounted to just about any clamp or suction mount on the market.

Lastly, because the POV.HD makes standard MOV or MP4 video files you can edit them easily using a PC or a MAC!

Package includes:

  • POV.HD Recorder (CPU)
  • Wide angled camera head (160 degrees)
  • Wireless RF remote control
  • 4gb SDHC Card.
  • USB cable
  • Analog A/V cable (for tv connection)
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Mounting accessories

Download: POV.HD Spec Sheet

Download: POV.HD Quick Start Guide

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